Sunday, December 16, 2007

Don't panic - it ain't done yet ...

Okay, the most recent changes are documented in the picture below ... Please read the accompanying text before you decide you hate it.

Okay - a)the boat has changed. b)The road has changed. c)The clouds have changed.
That said, the boat isn't done (not by a long shot), the road isn't done - it still needs proper foliage on the borders and now, in the middle, as well - and the clouds MAY be done, I'm not sure whether I really like them now or not.

The harbor water needs more work - there needs to be a beach established at the bow end of the boat (black, coarse sand) to establish the fact that the water in the harbor is actually quite shallow. There is nothing, at this point, to demonstrate the shallowness of the water. Plus, there are rocks which poke through the surface of the water, which also help to show how shallow the water is, that have not been painted in yet. And, of course, the reflection of the quay has not been painted either.

So yes, at the moment it looks kinda ugly. But, I hope, it will get better.