Monday, March 17, 2008

Art class coming - decisions, decisions

A new art class is to start April 2nd - the Wednesday after we come back from England. So decisions need to be made now - rather than last minute. Below are the candidates for the basis of the painting to be created during art class. The first one is the 'whole picture' and the second one is a crop of the first one. The second one, to my mind, follows the 'rules' of art better - the waterfall is NOT centered, as it is in the top picture, but the top picture has more interesting stuff in it.

The consensus of opinion seems to be that the first picture is better. My goal is to offer an impression of the lonely feel of "Ireland in November" (the working name of the painting), when it's rainy and chilly and the sun doesn't impart much warmth - in its light or its presence. This picture is taken in Galway County, on the way to Waterford from Letterfrack. This is the northern stretch of the ancient kingdom of Connemarra, a wild and open land; lonely, yet filled with the echoes of legend.

Which do you favor, as the basis for my painting?