Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just Before The Storm

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This is an oil on canvas covered board, 11x14. It is an exploration of a technique suggested to me by my teacher, Marilyn Dale. It was the initial attempt at the technique and as such (as far as the technique goes), not very good. However, as a painting, I like the piece.

The technique is this: Cover the canvas with a thin medium tone Burnt Umber. Use a cloth to wipe away paint and create the light areas of the piece. Add darks with undiluted Burnt Umber and feather (where necessary) with a dry brush. Sounds easier than it is.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

After Zach

The reason the image below is called "After Zach" is even though it's a painting for which Zach is the 'model' (actualy, a photo), it is not an exact likeness. Just as an artist will sign a copy of a master with a signature that acknowledges the fact that it's a copy, and not the original, and in doing so sign it "After Monet, John Jones" - or whatever the artist's name is. This is a 'copy' of Zach - or a piece 'inspired' by Zach, but not Zach. That said, people who know Zach recognize him in this painting. I have that on good authority.

This is an oil on canvas, toned with acrylic. I chose to use a heavy texture in the tone, instead of just a smooth,neutral tone.

The painting is spare. I am still learning how to use shape and texture to define a subject. As you see this, the paint is still wet. I haven't even signed it yet.