Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sudden Storm

The painting pictured below is called 'Sudden Storm', as it depicts one of those quick hitting, fast moving, low running storms that roll in from the sea from time to time. This is the second depiction of the little boat. What I've learned from this one is going to take me back to its predecessor to rework some elements of the piece that I've been vaguely uneasy with all along.

It's an 11x14 oil on gessoed canvas covered board, toned with an acrylic base. You see the painting as it sits on the easel - still wet and unshippable. There was no Terp or medium used to extend the paint - it also means the drying time will be extended - all the paint was straight from the tube and mixed on the brush. The work is Ala Prima.

This is the first painting I've done which is not going to live with me. It was done for a friend in return for a kindness. So the painting is going to Denver to live on the wall near the front door of her home.

I suspect this is not the last time I'm going to paint this boat. I think I want to paint it in a sunrise, with the sun rising out of the horizon and shimmering across the water. I also want to paint a lazy summer afternoon with it - one of those clear days where the sea is smooth as glass and you can see forever. And maybe a windy, breezy day, as well. With a deep blue sky and small, puffy white clouds out over the horizon.

Yeah, that's the ticket. Over the horizon ....