Thursday, April 24, 2008

grabbing some color

Okay. I did some glazing for the first time. The background mountain has been covered in a blue/white glaze, simulating a cold mist. That's probably not the final look - but it's close. The small hills centrally located in the painting have what will probably be the final color - although they MAY get a very thin haze applied to them, as well. I have marked out some areas where green shrubs are going to grow - the trees left and right need to be worked on and that large foreground area needs work. There is a camp which votes for the foreground fence, in order to establish depth. There is another camp which thinks that enough detail in the foreground grasses will establish that depth. I am undecided. I DO know that if I add the fence I will change it from a wire fence to an all wood fence. With an opening into the picture - part of the fence will be down. If I decide to add it.

Of course, If I do add the fence, then I wouldn't need to be so precise in the foreground grass detail - something I'm not familiar with. On the other hand, I'm not familiar with wood fences, either. Choices ....