Thursday, December 13, 2007

progress and fixes to be made

Last night, as I was packing up my supplies to go home, my painting took a dive off the support I use to take it from place to place and created a scar on the face of the painting. I was able to mostly repair it last night after I got home, which is why I didn't post a picture last night. Current condition is noted below ...

I am going to work on this guy tonight, so if all stars align properly and the keepers of karma give me a break, I will post another shot of the painting tonight. There has been some progress made here, and there are some repairs that still need to be made, but I think I will be able to make more progress tonight. I think I may be able to work on the reflection of the quay in the harbor. I also need to work on the boat - the supestructure needs better definition and the hull needs to be shaped better, especially along the waterline.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last class tonight ...

Tonight is the last of the current series of classes at North Central College with Marilyn. I still haven't made any additional progress on my painting, in preparation for tonight's class. I think I'm afraid to touch it without supervision - which is stupid, given that the goals of the piece are clearly laid out now and I really don't have to worry about the piece going off in a direction I haven't planned for. Now I won't be able to finish this piece until the week between Christmas and New Years Day. I think what I may have to do is start the underpainting for the next painting - perhaps that will force me to finish this one.