Friday, September 14, 2007

The next day

Lat night I found myself fighting the same old I-don't-know-what-to-draw problem. Finally, I remembered the 'depth' problem I had with some of the work in the first class, so I practiced drawing boxes and a ball and a cup with a handle (and then added a shadow, later) but nothing 'from life' - which is where I really should start working.

I think tonight I'll try doing the 'fat ladies' upside down again. I tried it in class and I didn't get too far, plus my proportions were off because I wasn't locating lines properly - I wasn't relating things to each other properly. I found that I don't like working flat - I would rather have the work upright, or as near as I can get to upright, and it's important for me to be able to move freely - I should sit upright and be able to move my arms freely and not get lazy and rest my arms on the furniture. I probably should work on an easel - either the free standing or the tabletop.


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