Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Class ...

Tonight is our last class with Marilyn Dale at North Central College. We are to cover portraiture. This seems to me to be another one of those subjects which we could spend many classes on - instead of just one. But at least we're going to touch it, and that's what matters, I suppose.

Last night I sat down and developed a set of exercises that I will do daily. Things to teach me hand/eye coordination. They're not extensive - they just fill one page in my medium size sketch book/journal. But they should be a start. There are circles, stars, dots and lines and spirals and squares made of diagonal lines. Nothing challenging -just skill building. The squares from diagonals is an interesting little exercise - it calls you to do some unexpected reckoning as you construct the image - and mistakes stand out like a sore thumb. Very cool.

Tomorrow, (Thursday) I am going to start a little project I have in mind to test my skills. I am going to try my hand at creating an image using the Projecta Scope. I have an image of the Christen Eagle I shot a week and a half ago. It is from the first flyby - a knife-edge pass down the runway. It is a slightly head-on photo and the plane is sunlight from the side. The pic was taken early morning, so the top of the wing (which is vertical in a knife edge maneuver) is exposed to the camera and sunlit. Randy Michael, the man who owns the plane, and I are going to meet sometime during the weekend to look over the photos I took and I hope to be able to surprise him with the drawing. We'll see.

I like to draw. I like these classes I've taken and the people I've met through the classes. I am really sorry to see it all come to an end. It would be nice if we were to find a way to stay in touch - but I'm not sure my classmates would be interested. Some might - but not all, I think. Oh well.


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