Friday, April 18, 2008

Even more progress, on my own

I am making progress - unguided by anyone but my instincts. And the memory of what my teacher has said from time to time. Which in itself is progress, because I feel more confident in my ability to approach my painting without fear of messing it up (beyond repair). I can mess things up, don't get me worng, but I can correct stuff if I need to and that gives me confidence. So, this evening, after posting up the last of Bath, England on the other blog, I went downstairs to add some color of a more appropriate nature to the foreground and experiment, a bit, with the bushes on the right hand side above the stream.

None of this is final in appearance. The grass will be browner and look more like straw. The bushes will be greener and darker in the shadows. But I understand what I have to do and I know what colors I will use in my mixes. What is there now is closer to what will be than what was there before. Huh?


Elizabeth said...

Nice! I like the shadowing on the hills for depth. It reminds me of the hills behind the house I grew up in. :)

Nicole said...

Looking great :D
I love to follow the progress on your paintings!

LceeL said...

Elizabeth: Keep in mind that for the most part, what you are looking at is the underpainting.

Nicole: I love being able to share what I'm doing with everyone out here. I know my stuff is never going to hang in the Louvre(sp?), but it's fun.

Lady Language said...

Still coming along nicely. The sky really catches my eye...I know it's the underpainting, but wouldn't it be cool to just leave it like that?

LceeL said...

Lady Language: Actually, I plan to leave the sky alone. I like it just the way it is, too.

moneythoughts said...

Take a piece of paper and draw the fence posts as they look in the photo in scale to the painting. Cut out the fence posts and lay them in position on the painting. Step back from the painting and notice how the two fence posts gives your painting depth. Just try it, if you don't like it with the fence posts you have lost nothing but a little time. But, if you like the fence posts in the painting, you can then remove the paper ones and paint the fence post in. The foreground can always be painted last. Landscapes can be done from the back of the scene to the front. If you are trying to capture atmospheric colors, you can make the colors in the foreground more bold. The next time you go the an art museum, study some of the landscape painters, and then use some of their devices to create depth.

moneythoughts said...

I left a comment about the fence posts on my blog, I hope you will see it. Also send me your email address. My address is fdzigler at ya hoo dot com


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