Monday, April 7, 2008

Ireland in november begins

Naturally, with the first class it took a while to get everything and everybody organized and familiar with procedures. That, and of course, Marilyn had to do some actual TEACHING so we didn't get started on our paintings until quite late in the first session. So, she gave us homework. And that homework was to continue working up the monchrome underpainting establishing the relative values of dark and light in the painting. So this:

is what I came home with last Wednesday and this:

Is where I've gotten since then.

Now, I've made some decisions about the painting and what it's going to look like. I have added a clump of trees on the left to balance the clump of trees on the right. And I have decided to eliminate the fence which traverses the foreground of the picture which is the inspiration for this painting. So, for the moment, this is it.


Sandy C. said...

Wow! It looks like you've made some progress :) I really like how the back is turning out. And I love scrolling up and down to compare the actual photo to your underpainting. I'm not sold on the tress on the left yet, but I'm excited to see how this unfolds!

Nicole said...

Looks promising - am eager to follow the progress :)!

Lady Language said...

Very cool watching this come together. I ought to pick up my paintbrush again...just wish I could fit it into my rock star life :)

I agree with Sandy - I like the original composition with only one set of trees but it still works :)

LceeL said...

Sandy: Truth be told, I really had a hard time making up my mind about the trees. But, compositionally, it will make for better balance in the painting. I hope.

Nicole: Thanks. I will put up a slide sequence once I have a few more updates.

Lady L: Yes, you ought to. If you can paint, you should be painting. And you have such style .. I'm sure your art would reflect that.

moneythoughts said...


I shut down and came back and was able to get on. I must have offended some blog gods or something, because I could not get in to leave a comment.

The monochrome painting should be a piece of cake for you as a photographer, it is just a black & white print, done with brown paint. Rembrandt did his under-painting in browns and then added color on top. I do think you should put the fence in because it gives the picture depth. The fence posts can be painted in bright colors and that would contrast very nicely with the atmosphere colors in the back of the landscape. For me, the fence posts gives the painting scale. Don't worry about cute little shadows if that doesn't interest you, unless that is part of the exercise. Your teacher should let you paint the landscape in a very contemporary way if that's how you feel it. That is the neat thing about artists that use computer to re-arrange the landscape to bring out what they are after. You have a big sky and you can change that painting 100 different ways depending on how you paint the sky.
If you want to stay with traditional colors, that is fine too. But if you want to paint the trees orange or purple there is no law against it. Getting back to the fence posts, you can make them a little bigger than in the photo to dramatize the perspective too. Good luck and have fun.