Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ta Da!

It is, finally, as done as it's going to get. What you see below, with the initials in the lower right hand corner, is "Derelict in Harbor". Is it perfect? No. Am I done messing with it? Yes. I can't make it any better, so it's time to stop.

The subject of this painting still lies beached along the quay in Ballynakill Harbour near Letterfrack, Galway Co., Ireland. Her superstructure has collapsed toward the quay, so that from the angle of this picture, her deck structure is no longer visible. She also has company that didn't exist at the time this painting documents. There is a large tramp steamer on the other side of the quay - also permanently beached. At least she's not alone.


Sandy C. said...

*standing ovation*

Congratulations Lou! It looks wonderful! Honest, I like this far better than the last time you posted an image of the painting.
I know you said it's not perfect, but really...what is?

There are some really great aspects of this (in my very non-professional opinion). I really do think you did a great job. Especially with the water and reflections.

I truly look forward to more of your work in the upcoming months. Especially as you grow and broaden your skills as an artist :)

LceeL said...

Thank you, Sandy. You comments are so greatly appreciated.

LceeL said...

This comment came via email from Nicole B. - she still has access problems.

I think it's pretty cool!
I'm glad you can start with a new one afresh now, without worrying about this one.
It's absolutely lovely the way it is!
And I love the little background story behind it!

frog ponds rock... said...

yay Lou!!!

cheers kim

LceeL said...

Thank you, Kim. Very much.

tiff said...

Wow Lou,
This is your first?

I think it looks fantastic.
I love the road. I really love it. Also, the brick work on the breaker. That must have taken ages.

LceeL said...

Thank you tiff. Thank you so much. And yes, the quay was tedious. But after it was done, I knew I was going to like this painting. I was going to use a different technique to do the quay, but my teacher told me to use the technique I ultimately did use - and it looks much better than it would have if I had done it my way.

Julie said...

I like it. I like the reflections of the clouds, and the rocks, and the colors. I also like the story that goes along with it.

When I click on it and see it bigger, I like the texture of the paint, and the quay looks like it was worth all the trouble.

An excellent first painting, I'd say.

LceeL said...

Thank you, Julie. In my next painting, given that I may be able to approach it with more confidence, the texture of the paint will be even better - fewer do-overs and restatements to alterthe original texture.

Lady Language said...

This is beautiful for your first painting. I really like the road and the worn tire tracks and I think the brick detail is my favorite. I can't wait to watch your next piece come together!

LceeL said...

Lady L.: Thank you so much for commenting on my painting. I like the bricks, too.

Nicole, HU said...

Totally lovely!
Well done :)!!