Thursday, November 15, 2007

Interesting Aside ...

The satellite view from Google maps shows our boat as still being there, but the image is from 2003. The photograph the painting is based on was taken in November, 2000, but there was no reasonable expectation that she would still be there today. However, Google Earth seems to indicate that, in fact, not only is she still there, but she now has company. There are at least two more wrecks there, along the quay -one on the same side as our boat and a larger, metal wreck on the other side of the quay. Sadly, our girl is slowly collapsing. Her superstructure (which will probably not be clearly defined in the painting) has fallen in on itself. It seems we caught her, thankfully, at her most photogenic.

She is located in Ballynakill Harbour in Barbaderg Bay, Ireland.

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