Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This is so cool !!

I have discovered this feature of blogspot that allows me to update my blog via email. This is so cool!! Tonight is class - we are working on our 'big' paintings tonight, so there may well be an update picture posted here for all to see - whatever it looks like.

We'll see.

Meanwhile - I have so screwed up the still life - I've completely lost the 'feel' of what I was doing, plus I couldn't re-create the proper colors so as to be consistent with what I started with. I feel a
total do-over coming on. I going to have to go to the store and get some red and blue grapes, a pear, an apple and a golden delicious apple, find a stool and a reddish cloth to place over the stool and then a bowl in which to place all of the fruit.

I WILL get this right.

PLUS - when you post by email, you probably have to 'view' your blog to make sure it doesn't need an edit or two to make it pretty. This one did.


carlaj22 said...

I'm riding the NaBloPoMo Randomizer from blog to blog. Today it brought me to you. Do you ever get hungry and eat your "model"?

Nat said...

Yeah, posting by mail tends to insert some HTML that can change the default font and make things look wonky. To avoid some of those problems you can make sure your email site is sending plain text rather than HTML emails. The problem with that is that you can't insert hyperlinks or special formatting into your text, but perhaps that isn't important.

Keep plugging at the art biz. And be glad that they didn't know as much about ADD a billion years ago-- not sure all the advances are good.

LceeL said...

Carlaj22 - not yet a 'starving artist'. Besides - non of my 'models' have been 'live'.

Nat - Thanks. I know my life would be different had they known more - I would hope better. On the other hand - I might not have the wife and kids I do now, and that wouldn't be good.

Sarah Marie said...

Wow, I didn't know about the email-posting option. I'm going to have to check that out!