Thursday, January 17, 2008

And even more changes

Well, I think we're done playin' around with the clouds now and except for a little (very minor) detail work, the mountain will remain unchanged. The green hills across the bay still need work and there's some minor work that still needs to be done to the various reflections and tones in the still water of the harbor.

See below .....

You may have noticed a little change in the road. It isn't done yet, but this new direction is truer to the original photo and I feel more comfortable now, working toward this end, than I did when I first started the painting.

I still don't have a 'style'. I am still finding my way through the maze of different ways to represent reality in paint. Or the impression of reality. Each bend and twist in the maze is a learning point. Hopefully, the next piece will be a little easier - not in concept or execution, but in establishing and maintaining direction, form and style.


Lady Language said...

I like the new direction with the road - the dark seems to compliment the mountain and really brings the focus to the boat. Finding a style is key - I favor Impressionism and Expressionism and have adopted these as my style - I am not disciplined enough to paint EXACTLY what is in a photo or scene and enjoy expressing emotion and using bold color.

Marita said...

Really like what you've done with the road. Looks great.

Nicole said...

Works well for me!

(Am short in time right now, hubby wants food ;) )

Boneblower (Anita) said...

Being an 'abstract' painter myself - I think it's looking fantastic!!

I like the road, you've done a great job.